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Our mission at is to protect field sales agents.

If you are in door-to-door vacuum sales, chemical sales, magazine sales, energy sales, frozen food sales, or any other direct marketing sales and would like to share a story or are in need of help, you can do it here.


Are you a runaway and don’t know where to turn?

Call the number below or click here.


Are you in danger and need help? Do you know someone in danger or needing help? Is there something you need to tell someone right now?

All information collected on this site is confidential and will be used for investigative purposes only, and will never be used without the full consent of the person(s) providing the information. 

We take agent abuse very seriously and if you have ANY information on crimes, abuse or any other sub-standard activities, please contact us or other agencies provided on this page for help.


Is there a crime or incident of abuse you would like to report?

All of your information will be kept private and you do not have to leave your name (however, your report is more credible if you do.)

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Have you ever been on a traveling sales crew?

Tell us about your experience — good or bad. We will not share with other sites unless you give us permission.

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